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Welcome To Helios Artistry Tans 

Airbrush Tanning + Teeth Whitening 

Helios Artistry Tans, located within Urban Monk Salon, offers luxurious Spray Tan and Teeth Whitening services. Our Custom Spray Tans are meticulously tailored to each client by our skilled technicians, considering your unique skin tone and tanning preferences, resulting in a naturally radiant tan that boosts your confidence. We exclusively use natural, vegan, and non-toxic  solutions and products at Helios, prioritizing your well-being and the environment.

Our Teeth Whitening service utilizes a peroxide-based gel, minimizing sensitivity while effectively brightening your teeth by 2-5 shades in a single session. Additionally, we provide mobile services upon request for both Spray Tans and Teeth Whitening, catering to bridal and bachelorette parties or if you're traveling with a group of friends. Experience the epitome of beauty and convenience with Helios Artistry Tans.

Custom Spray Tan 



Teeth Whitening


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